Our offer

Mobile marketing services

We keep pace with your customers when they are on-the-go. We put your product or service on the mobile device of your potential client.

Our Mobile Marketing Services provide clients with various ways to target potential customers. We make sure we your product or service are attractive to potential customers in order to get significant exposure, thereby increasing sales.

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Long & Short Code service

Have a better SMS experience for your marketing, sales, media and political campaigns by subscribing for our Short Code Service.

We offer special numbers in the name of long and short codes for SMS or Voice. Our long codes are in the form 800 01 XX and Short Codes in the form 80XX that have been attributed to us by the Telecommunication Regulatory Board in Cameroon.

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Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT)

Etha gives subscribers the possibility to opt for personalized audio content whereby the caller listens to a song while calling someone.

This audio content is a repeated ring tone that assures you the line of the person you are calling is ringing. Our CRBT solution doesn't only stimulate the subscribers up-take, but generates revenue through customized & targeted promotion.

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Voting for shows & awards

Etha's platform allows for voting using telephones and special numbers candidates.

This is very for events or cases where you need the public to give their opinion or assessment and get real-time results. Our voting options include: Voting using short or long codes, Voting using Premium SMS , Voting using USSD codes

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Corporate BulkSMS

Our BulkSMS service allows users to have accounts on our web platform where they can get their SMS credits.

As a leading VAS provider, Etha's BulkSMS Corporate offers a professional and economic solution for Push SMS. BulkSMS service is not only affordable & reliable, you are ensured of a guaranteed delivery.

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Premium SMS

We offer to our clients Premium SMS services for their marketing campaigns, surveys, donations, subscriptions or billable content.

Our Premium SMS codes work across all mobile networks in the country. You don’t need Internet connection and our billing options are flexible enough to suit your campaign needs.

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USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)

With USSD, users are allowed to interact directly on their cellphones by making a selection real-time from a menu.

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