We provide effective VAS strategies for forward thinking companies

Etha Co. Ltd is a Value-Added Service Aggregrator in Cameroon established in 2018.

Transform & innovate

We provide a platform for telecom operators to transform and innovate their digital growth through mobile-based infotainment and entertainment services, tailored to meet the requirements and needs of the end user.

Quality solutions

We are dedicated in providing the quality mobile marketing solutions as well as value added services to our partners and clients. Our aim is to build customer loyalty and increase VAS income.

Your ROI is assured

As a business, you can't afford to spend money on something that won't results. That is why our packages are not only affordable but streamlined to suit different budgets.

User-friendly platforms

Our mission is to provide you with mobile tools that will help streamline your business' marketing and communication efforts with what you already have.

Creativity & innovation

We use our creativity with the latest technology to develop outstanding mobile products and services. There's always room for innovation and improvement.

Our mission

Provide you with mobile tools that streamline your marketing and communication efforts to suit your business' varied needs in different occasions.

We facilitate communication between recognized brands, media, advertising agencies and mobile operators with the customers.